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Criteria for joining our mentorship community:

There are 3 main criteria:

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Our mentors list:

Toni YordanovToni Yordanov:

Mentoring: Business Development and Entrepreneurship: Toni is the co-founder of Indep Research, with over 5 years of business development and entrepreneurship experience. Toni knows how to compete in highly competitive markets and he can teach you that.



James Shoemark:James Shoemark

Mentoring: Public Speaking, Networking, Events Management, and Sponsorships: James is the founder of Heroic Entrepreneurs, and co-founder of InverLife with over 20 years of experience in business. He is an excellent public speaker, his events are always a success and he knows how to get things done. Be sure, you’ll love learning from James.



Larisa Lisa Macareiu:

Mentoring: Social Media and Online Marketing, Communication & Networking: Lisa is the founder and expert behind Media Bloom. She has a masters degree and over 5 years of experience in marketing. Being a female entrepreneur and a foreigner, she knows how to adapt in different and no so easy to penetrate communities and she can show you how to do it yourself.


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