Job Tittle: Market Research Analyst
Company description: Our client is a fast-growing startup from the fintech industry, working B2B and B2C.

Job Description: To deliver an in-depth investigation and analysis of our client’s competition for their upcoming projects/products. The company needs to understand:
– Who are its competitors
– What market those competitors are going for
– How their competitors target customers
– What is competitors’ pricing and business model
– How well are their competitors rated in places such as the Apple’s App store and Google Play
– Additional competitive analysis that may give an insight into the market.
After collection of the data, your job will be to create and present the analysis so our client’s team can input the data into their strategy and decision making.

Qualifications and Knowledge Required:
-Studying something related to business, marketing and research
-Be in your penultimate, final, or post-graduate year of studies
-Have over 70% average grades, especially on areas of marketing, research and analysis

Salary: £8.00 – £14.00 depending on candidate’s level.

Contract length: Up to 160 hours depending how long the candidate will need to complete the tasks.

To apply please send your CV to