Why you need to join StartupStudentLink:

If you are a startup or a growing business that needs some extra help, then StartupStudentLink is for you. We will provide you with students who are far more affordable than an experienced professional and can deliver strong results. What’s more, we will help the students that you choose to work with to catch up with their role by providing them mentorship.

It is our mission to match you with students that your business can afford and to make sure that your return on investment (ROI) is secured.

What you get:

  1. A big network of student job-seekers. They are not graduates so they are willing to work for far less than the industry rates and gain more from training and connections
  2. A student that matches your business needs for a price you can afford based on their level. To find more about our student levels click here.
  3. Training in the form of mentorship for the students that work with you – Our mentors are selected based on their experience and success.
  4. Your own advert – Temporary or long-term opportunity. Tell us what you need and we’ll find them for you.
  5. Your Shortlist – We will examine all applications and shortlist the best candidates for you
  6. Knowledge & Contract freedom – We will make sure that you know what a candidate would like to get as a reward so you and the candidate of your selection can agree on a verbal or written contract without our intervention.

Register below for free. Your free registration gives you access to all of our online free consumable content and our free group online mentorship sessions from which you and your current team could benefit. You can update to a paid version anytime.