Welcome to the SSLink (SSLink=StartupStudentLink).

The idea:

Tasos Pardalis came up with the idea after he accidentally connected experiences that took place since he was 14 while he was taking a shower.

After a major football injury, my football “career” dream ended at age 14. I was depressed for a year, but then I decided, I will be a global entrepreneur, and I will impact the future in a positive way with my businesses.

I started my journey by signing up for a couple of network marketing businesses, in Cyprus, basically what has now become known as a “pyramid scheme”. I’ve learned few valuable things from it, you develop further and faster when you surround yourself with the right people, and mentorship from your recruiter can help you avoid simple mistakes.

My English was really bad, if I wanted to be a global entrepreneur, though, I should know English. So, after my compulsory military service, I decided to join a Scottish University, I received a Bachelors in Marketing and Management from the Robert Gordon University (RGU), and my English is still bad.

Scotland was a particularly attractive option due to the country’s universities emphasis in entrepreneurship. It wasn’t long until I pitched my first idea to a web developer at RGU’s library. His name is Thomas, he is an entrepreneur in the heart as well, and he joined forces with me. Together we did mistakes and learned for the last 2 years.

Thomas and I co-founded 2 projects since we met, Groupmates and FastReport. We had a number of students working with us, helping us with the development and promotions, in fact, we still have. When I ask them why they dedicate so much time and energy helping us, they say that they believe in the future we see and they like the experience as we give them responsibilities, real challenges, and as much training as we can.

In January 2015, I moved to Edinburgh to join an incubator with Thomas and Groupmates. It was the first time in my life that I was surrounded by so many like-minded people. They all ended up asking us, how did we build the team we had, they were volunteers, and they were working so hard. I had no answer 1 year ago, I thought it was normal.

Reflecting back, mainly by accident, during one of my first 2016 showers, I figured out that the reason is because we were very open from the beginning, about what we are able to offer. Also, we offer flexibility to the students working with us in order to deliver tasks, and every time they face problems, we make sure to provide them with reading materials and advice.

In December, I decided that I wanted to find my why, I knew that there is a reason that I chose the entrepreneurial path, but I was yet to clearly see it. In January, I started reading the book called “Key Person Of Influence”, and for some weird reason, the story about the Glass House Mountains helped me in a way to define my why by reflecting on my value.

My WHY: “To shake up all visionaries and dreamers, so they start leading the world and their teams towards the most beautiful future they can envision.

In order to achieve my why, I noticed that “I transform entrepreneurs into leaders who can deliver a powerful vision and help them surround themselves with a team that wants and can help them convert their vision into a successful and impactful business”.

SSLink brings all of my experiences and my why in one place, for all startups and businesses to connect with the students that are willing to work with them, and with the mentors that want to pass their knowledge to the next generation.

Join me in my journey of filling the world with people that lead impactful businesses.

How does SSLink work?

SSLink consists of 3 main elements:

a) Businesses that are looking to work with students

b) Students that are willing to work with businesses on a paid or volunteer basis

c) Mentors that are willing to mentor the students who are matched with a business

If you are a startup or a business owner, you know that it is difficult to get the right people to work for you on a paid or volunteering basis. Registering on SSLink, you get access to a pool of hungry for experience and knowledge students.  We make sure to close the gap between experience and your needs by providing mentorship of up to 5 hours a month, which is included with your basic monthly subscription.

We recommend that you provide the minimum living wage to the students that work with you, but we will make sure to ask our student members if they’re willing to work on a volunteering basis, so if you are just starting, there are people who can help you out.

Why we choose the people resource?

If you use a BMC (BMC = Business Model Canvas), you can quickly figure out that you have a lot of work to do. After figuring out what you are going to do and who you are going to serve, the questions you need to answer are, who are your “Key Partners”, what are your “Key Resources” and what is your “Cost Structure”. Many startups try to get funding to help them build a team that can then deliver their product and/or service. Getting funding is a full-time job itself, it is time-consuming, energy-consuming, stressful and it isn’t easy!

Business Model Canvas with emphasis on resources

Usually, the resource you really need is people and knowledge, to help you with tasks you are not familiar with, or you don’t necessarily need to do yourself. It is the most important and the most expensive asset of any business.

We ask you to focus on the important stuff, your product, service and customers. Think about funding after you get to you have a team that you can rely on.